Stephen Cobert: Trump’s Trade War Means Pricier Jeans, Bikes, Boo

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Trump reacted to optimistic signals toward North Korea’s denuclearization the same way he reacts to everything… with a half-thought-out tweet.

Viewers reacted to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Deb S Landsom Id love it if you would quit disrespecting our president! It's bullying, hatred and your in denial about how he's making so many progress! You need to start treating people with some respect. Lord knows you would be a complete joke in his shoes and love The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Julio Montano When are you going to be positive with our President??

Nancy Jackson Well…since he made the rounds and blew of lot of hot air around that came to nought: I'm wondering what all this little-twister distracted us from? 
Ooooh…?? Maybe the story that David Dennison (Drumpf) didn't even sign that NDA with 'Stormy' and now she's claiming it's not valid and doesn't have to abide by it? That's some impressive business acumen… he got outmaneuvered by an adult film actress?
Trumped by a strumpet? Maybe? Ouch.

Beatrice T. Bell deb seems to not have much to do tonight–she has the same tweet on two of stephen's posts so far tonight. as well as other trumps. evidently stephen's got them pretty riled. don't feed them.thanks The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for making laugh

Richard Joyce Oh, c'mon! Who hasn't had to take a drink, or ten, to go into work, or an interview on national television!?

Jessica Morrison Katovich You’re giving the “Supreme Leader” entirely too much credit. His tweets are no-thought-out.

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