Trump Doesn’t Think Twice About His Looming Trade War

Trevor Noah: Trump Doesn't Think Twice About His Looming Trade War

"Of all the wars we thought Trump could get us into… nuclear war… race war… a trade war is the least bad option."

GOP lawmakers are quick to denounce President Trump's plan to put tariffs on steel and aluminum, citing a possible trade war and thousands of job losses.

Viewers reacted:

Dan Graham And he goes after Canada. One of only two countries the US has a trade surplus with. We even have better labour standards than the US. We've fought side by side for over a century. And we're the ones he goes after!? Who needs enemies with "friends" like America.

Sue Callahan-Ryan I disagree with Trevor on one thing, Trump doesn't gear-up for anything. This guy shoots from the hip with out a thought or worry in his head. He doesn't read, or consult with his cabinet, he just barges in where wise men fear to tread. Full speed ahead and don't back down is his modus operandi. He is a bull in a china shop and he believes that's leading, and his disciples love it.

Gio Vanna The USA needs Canadian goods more than vice versa…Trump won’t have his daddy bail him out on this bad business deal.

Gary Davies EXACTLY! He doesn't have the intelligence/integrity/empathy/etc. to understand anything well enough to even begin to come up with anything but poor 'solutions'. The first step towards wisdom is to acknowledge/understand your own weaknesses, mistakes, lack of knowledge, etc. and that is something that Trump refuses to do.

Eric Thal Just go with your tried and true solution Donald… Call whoever most recently reported on you saying/doing something stupid "fake news," go play golf, and wait for things to just kind of sort themselves out.

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